Projects 2014

  • 50th Anniversary of Britain in Bloom

Congratulations to floral St. Peter Port for winning gold and overall winner of their category. 

Queux Plant Centre are proud to be working together with States Parks & Gardens and Colin Falla to provide 1,000 window boxes and hanging baskets in St. Peter Port.

Please enjoy this video compiled by photographer Chris George.


  • Loafers Wall  - St. Peter Port

Nigel Clarke at Queux was asked by Pat Johnson of Floral St. Peter Port and Douzaine Member, to design appropriate plantings to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I which would be positioned along the length of Loafers Wall.

After discussions with Pat it was decided that wild flowers, usually found in the battlefields of Flanders would be a fitting memorial to the memory or all who fought in the Great War.

The flowers from Flanders memorial will be in situ each year throughout the summer months for four years which relates to the time scale of the war.

Linda Laxton from British Wild Flowering Plants, was enlisted to advise on appropriate plants with Nigel's wife, Ross, putting together the final plantings.

Loafers Wall is located opposite the Town Church at the bottom of Fountain Street on Church Hill.  It was built by the Stares of Guernsey to show case the skills of local master craftsmen and masons and was completed in 1914 just prior to the declaration of World War One.

The wall was later given it's colloquial name because of the "loafers" who often convened along it during the 1900's.